Workers Picks: Wherever Did Penn State Conceal All Its Furniture?

Now that Penn Condition has remodeled its campus into a socially distanced utopia, you have possibly seen there are considerably much less items of home furniture scattered all through campus properties. Desk, tables, and benches that once known as the lots of nooks and crannies of Penn Point out home have been tucked absent in purchase to preserve social distancing tactics.

Wherever could all this home furnishings be hiding? Penn State’s campus is enormous, but it’s not like it has infinite storage room.

Even though the solution is in all probability some lame off-campus warehouse, our staffers made available some far more colorful opinions on in which all that furnishings should be hiding.

Michael Tauriello: Beneath The Campus Grass

Penn State buried it all less than the campus grass. The serious rationale why the grass appears a little bit dry is that the college used the entire summer months digging up campus and subsequently inserting all of the household furniture in the holes that they designed. There was a large amount that experienced to be hidden, which is why the grass appears lifeless in just about just about every nook and cranny. Penn Condition would not essentially tell any individual that, but it is the only charge-efficient explanation. But hey, it’s totally free true estate.

Ryen Gailey: In The Bowls Of Beaver Stadium

I’m confident Penn State’s missing home furniture is sitting down deep, deep down within Beaver Stadium…or right on the industry. With fall sporting activities, like soccer, postponed, it is not like anybody’s going to be making use of the turf whenever quickly.

I also picture the sheer quantity of things Penn Point out desired to move would match within only Beaver Stadium. Due to the fact college students won’t have a likelihood to enter the stadium this drop, desks, chairs, and tables are taking their places.

Matt DiSanto: Hangar 51

You know, Hangar 51! That neat storage area from the end of “Raiders of The Lost Ark”? Not ringing any bells? Ah, perfectly. Pursuing Indiana Jones’ fictional foray to obtain the Ark of the Covenant, the artifact was saved there by top men for safekeeping alongside other tremendous-vital magic formula objects. If I were a betting person, Penn Condition would retail store its belongings there for the time remaining to continue to keep them out of the incorrect fingers.

Frankie Marzano: Anywhere The Hell The JoePa Statue Is

This is not the initial time Penn State has taken off hidden significant objects from campus. One particular may well ask, “Where would you be able to put all of these sizable chairs and tables?” Another could say, “Where does Penn State have space?” It is all concealed with the JoePa statue.

It is virtually unattainable to hide that a great deal furnishings without the need of some of it exhibiting, so why not hide it with the statue? The bronze bust hasn’t been viewed in eight years, so anywhere it is should be a pretty efficient storage location.

Richard Smeltzer: The Cloud

All of the home furnishings is evidently getting saved in the cloud. Penn State not long ago made its intentions distinct that it is switching from Box to Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint subsequent 12 months. To endorse the switch, it most likely chose to practically keep all of its overflow furnishings in the totally genuine cloud.

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