Car geeks, get ready to save big. Amazon’s annual Prime Day is finally here, and you have just two days to score deals and discounts on automotive tools and shop gear. There’s no better time to stock up and equip yourself with everything you might need while working on your car, from handheld tools like pliers and socket wrenches to cleaning cloths and rags — and so much more. Tens of thousands of shop tools and gear will be deeply discounted just for current Amazon Prime members through October 14.

On Prime Day 2020, you’ll find trusted tools and accessories

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If you’re a professional tradesman, the power tools of the trade are how you make your living. They also represent one of your largest expenses! Of course, this also holds true in the garage or workshop for the DIYer or hobbyist. Knowing how to care for power tools properly helps you improve both the safety and longevity of these moneymakers. We gathered several key tips from our Pro reviewers and staff.


Where Do You Store Your Tools?

It’s unlikely that your power tools are stored in an air-conditioned space. That means they can be exposed to humidity.

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Offices, schools, restaurants and shops are reopening across the U.S. while the coronavirus remains as prevalent as ever.

Scientists are learning more about this novel virus as the pandemic wears on, including how it’s spread and how to kill it. As more is learned about COVID-19, tools are being developed and implemented to make spaces safer.

While many products may reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19, none are fail-proof solutions. Some target COVID-19 particles on surfaces, some kill or trap large and small virus particles in the air.

Can a building truly be COVID-proof? A look at the latest virus-busting

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