By Invoice Primavera

Very last week, I acquired definitely ticked when my heating and air conditioning method out of the blue went on the fritz immediately after only 5 years of service.

I’m constantly amazed when I understand about how home owners get long-time period provider from gear which is very well-taken care of. In my case, I are living in an upscale condominium where by everything is supposed to be upkeep free.

More exacerbating my dismay was acquiring out that my device could not be repaired, only replaced – and at a hefty value.

With some upkeep willpower, our

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October 8th, 2020 by Scott Cooney 

Keeping your home healthy and as efficient as possible will help you and your family save money and reduce exposure to toxic products. This article will summarize some basic maintenance tips to help keep your home as eco as you want it.

Get your calendar out and get ready to set yourself recurring events to remind you when it’s time to do some basic home maintenance!

Refrigerator — Cleaning the coils and compressor unit on your fridge is usually a pretty easy job. It helps remove caked-on, hard-to-reach dust

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