How To Cleanse Motorcycle Chain

A motorcycle’s ultimate drive, or the part that will make the bike transfer, can be a shaft, a belt, or most typically, a riveted grasp link chain. You know, like the just one on your 10-pace bicycle. And just as your bicycle’s chain requires lubrication to purpose properly, so does […]

A motorcycle’s ultimate drive, or the part that will make the bike transfer, can be a shaft, a belt, or most typically, a riveted grasp link chain. You know, like the just one on your 10-pace bicycle. And just as your bicycle’s chain requires lubrication to purpose properly, so does a motorcycle’s. 

To protect against possibly risky gunk build-up, cleaning and inspecting a bike chain should be a vital aspect of standard servicing for any owner. A chain left dry and unclean can translate into high priced issues later on. The abrasive character of highway grit can wear down the chain and sprocket, even though a deficiency of lubrication can dry out the seals or create unnecessary friction that could harm the chain and sprocket. We want to reduce that.

To do just that, follow The Push’s guideline to how to clean a motorcycle chain to keep your two-wheelers wanting, managing, and sounding terrific. Braap!

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Basic principles of Cleaning a Motorcycle Chain

Believed Time Wanted: A single hour

Skill Stage: Starter

Auto Program: Exterior

What Is a Motorcycle Chain?

On select bikes, a chain is made use of as the closing travel technique. It pairs with two sprockets, 1 at the transmission near your still left foot and 1 in the rear wheel’s hub, which propels the bike. Some chains are simple and naked, when some others have integrated seals such as O-rings or X-rings that enable maintain lubricant within just the chain.

Motorcycle Cleansing Basic safety

Washing a motorcycle is a simple, small-danger endeavor, but cleansing items could be poisonous. Be positive not to get any soaps, waxes, shines, lubricants, detailers, or grime in your eyes, mouth, or open up wounds. Dress in gloves if you want to maintain your hands clean up from the chemical compounds.

Inspecting a Motorcycle Chain and Sprocket

The health and fitness of your motorbike chain and sprocket ought to be inspected on a typical basis, irrespective of whether that is every single solitary ride or as soon as a 7 days. When inspecting the bike, check for these issues that could demand new areas or adjustments: 


  • Loose pins
  • Ruined rollers
  • Dry or rusty links
  • Kinked or binding hyperlinks
  • Abnormal use
  • Too much slack


  • Worn enamel
  • Broken or chipped tooth
  • Loose sprocket nuts
A grunge brush is the best and most efficient way to clean a motorcycle chain.

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A grunge brush for motorcycle chains

Every little thing You’ll Require To Clean up a Motorcycle Chain

We’re not psychic, nor are we snooping through your toolbox or garage, so here’s just what you’ll need to have to get the position carried out. 

Instrument Record

  • Motorbike elevate or stand
  • Motorbike grunge brush or common comfortable-bristled brush
  • Old, but thoroughly clean, towel, rag, shirt, or sock

Parts Listing

*Doing the job on your vehicle can be messy and hazardous, specifically when you’re operating with flammable resources such as kerosene. Please take care of with treatment and respect. It bears repeating that all motorbike get the job done really should be executed with the bike is off and the engine is completely cooled down.

**There are unlimited versions of chain lubricants out there, and every person has their possess particular favorites. To determine what you require, browse your bike guide for the recommended sort of lubricant and how to use it.

For any specialty motorcycle equipment and chain servicing desires, take a look at our fanatic friends at RevZilla.

Arranging your resources and equipment so almost everything is quickly reachable will save valuable minutes waiting around for your handy-dandy baby or 4-legged helper to provide you the sandpaper or blowtorch. (You however will not have to have a blowtorch for this work. Be sure to never have your child hand you a blowtorch—Ed.)

You will also need a flat workspace, these types of as a garage floor, driveway, or avenue parking that’s also effectively-ventilated. Test your regional regulations to make absolutely sure you are not violating any codes when working with the avenue due to the fact we are not obtaining your trip out of hock.

Motorcycle chains require regular cleaning and lubrication.

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A reasonably thoroughly clean bike chain

Here’s How To Clean a Bike Chain

Let us do this! 

  1. Clean and dry the motorcycle. (Go through The Generate’s manual for How To Wash a Motorcycle)
  2. Raise up the motorcycle so that the chain-pushed wheel is off the floor and can be rotated in spot. This can quickly be completed by inserting the stand beneath the wheel.
  3. Although rotating the wheel and chain, spray the chain with kerosene or wheel cleaner.
  4. Right after a instant of soaking, use your brush to scrub the chain and crack up grime.
  5. Wipe the dirt and cleaner away with a towel or rag. 
  6. Repeat steps 2-4 right up until you truly feel comfy with the level of cleanliness. 
  7. Wipe chain dry.
  8. For basic metallic chains, utilize lubricant liberally. For sealed chains apply a modest sum of chain lubricant. Be confident to strike the within of the chain, the outside of the chain, as effectively as each aspect parts.
  9. Gently wipe off excess lubricant from the chain and cleanse the surrounding area of chain lube.  

Wonderful operate, you happen to be all set to ride.

Lubricant is key to keeping the motorcycle chain running smoothly and quietly.

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Spraying a bike chain

Pro Strategies to Cleansing a Motorcycle Chain

Around the a long time, The Drive’s editors have cleaned and lubed our way by means of dozens of motorcycle chains and other pieces. In this article are a handful of ideas we’ve acquired together the way.

  • In no way, ever, at any time use the throttle as a way to spin the wheel while cleansing. The critical possibility isn’t remotely worthy of any time-saving advantages you imagine you are getting. Really don’t. 
  • Even though you’re down there, check out the tire tread to get rid of two birds with a single stone.
  • If you lubricate a motorcycle chain, thoroughly clean it 1st. If you clean up a motorbike chain, lubricate afterward. Contemplate the two a pair fairly than personal functions.

Get Assist With Cleaning Battery Terminals From A Mechanic On JustAnswer

The Drive recognizes that when our How-To guides are in-depth and simply adopted, a rusty bolt, an motor element not in the suitable situation, or oil leaking just about everywhere can derail a undertaking. That’s why we’ve partnered with JustAnswer, which connects you to qualified mechanics all around the world, to get you by way of even the toughest positions. 

So if you have a query or are trapped, simply click here and speak to a mechanic around you.

A dirty motorcycle chain can speed up wear and tear on your bike.

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How Typically Do You Have to have To Cleanse a Motorbike Chain?

As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to clean and lubricate a motorbike chain with O-rings at the very least each individual 600 miles, though basic chains demand more regular consideration. However, services guide schedules do not account for driving conditions or frequency of use. Riders should inspect their motorcycles each individual time they trip. If the chain seems to be unpleasant or far too dry, it is best to clean up it and lubricate it.

How A great deal Does It Cost To Clean a Motorcycle Chain?

In between the expenditures of kerosene, chain cleaner, a grunge brush, and chain lube, this career need to value about $30-40.

How Long Do Motorbike Chains Very last?

Motorbike chains can past about 20,000 miles when appropriately cared for and taken care of.

How Significantly Do Motorcycle Chains Cost?

Relying on the form of motorbike, a chain will usually value between $50-200. A package, which contains a chain and sprockets, will most likely charge around $150-300.

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