DIY’s breakout hit ‘Restoring Galveston’ is back for season 2 with new name and more homes to love

By Sonia Ramirez, / Houston Chronicle Updated 3:08 pm CDT, Monday, August 24, 2020 “Restoring Galveston,” airs on the DIY Network starting Aug. 31. “Restoring Galveston,” airs on the DIY Network starting Aug. 31. Photo: Courtesy: Michael Cordray/Save 1900 Photo: Courtesy: Michael Cordray/Save 1900 “Restoring Galveston,” airs on the DIY […]


Galveston’s own powerhouse renovation couple is back.

Ashley and Michael Cordray are putting the island on the map with another season of fixing up historic homes and a new name: “Restoring Galveston.

The show, previously known as “Big Texas Fix,” returns to the DIY Network Aug. 31.

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Michael Cordray told the name change wasn’t the Cordrays’ idea, but they love it.

“We don’t have any say in the name, but we think Galveston is one of the most incredible places in America, and we’re really happy ‘Galveston’ is in the name to bring some more positive attention to the town we love,” he said.

Not only have the Cordrays been busy with season two of “Restoring Galveston,” they’ve added a tiny bundle of joy to the family with a daughter named Elle.

“We heard it a thousand times, that a kid changes everything, but you just can’t understand it until it happens,” Michael said. “We started filming when Ashley was seven months pregnant and finished filming with a 1-month-old. It was a crazy time for sure, and we filmed right up to the due date and were back at it four days afterwards.”

According to Michael, the couple finished filming the new season just two days before Christmas in 2019.

So what can we expect for season two, besides a name change?

“It’s houses in terrible condition, often at risk of being demolished, and one hour later,  they are stunning homes ready to live on for another 100 years,” Michael said. “Homes on the island are really something special, and we love the fact that we can show people how beautiful these homes really can be.”

The inspiration and design of the homes are all Ashley, he said.

“You can definitely look at a house and tell it’s our style, but we still let the house do the deciding, so its different paint colors, different themes…We love to have a mix of old and new in our final design. We want you to know the home has a history; not try and cover it up. We will never tear down every wall for an open concept design. We want the house to tell its story,” Michael said.

Restoring homes has posed new challenges for the couple amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s been tough,” Michael said. “It’s definitely slowed things down. But our hearts go out to all the industries that got hit really hard.”

“Many of the people on our production team are some of the hardest working folks we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. We just want everyone back at doing what they do best.”

Michael went on to share that the reveal you see on TV is not the finished product.

“So since December when the crew left we have been working on finishing up the eight homes from season two.”

Most of the homes hit the market once they are renovated, he said.

“Last season we kept two of the homes. The one we live in now, and the Kettle House. For season two, we will be keeping one of the houses, an old 1920’s corner store, and open up as a vacation rental.”

As Galveston residents since 2012, Michael says the Cordrays are not actors.

“People will either like us or they won’t. We were just two people found doing something we love. We never dreamed of having a TV show,” Michael said.

“Restoring Galveston” premiers its second season Aug. 31 at 8 p.m. on the DIY Network.

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